An Injury Lawyer In Holland Mi Helps Auto Insurance Policyholders Whose Companies Are Uncooperative


A feeling of hopelessness can set in after a vehicle accident causes serious injury. The person may need multiple surgeries and not be sure if he or she will ever recover fully. Bills pile up as no paychecks come in, and the insurance company is not especially cooperative. An Injury Lawyer in Holland MI can help people in this kind of situation, bringing back a sense of hope that they will be able to receive reasonable compensation and catch up on all overdue payments.

No-Fault Insurance


After an accident in Michigan, car insurance companies pay the claims to their policyholders no matter which driver was at fault. This means the injured person will be dealing with his or her insurer even if someone else caused the collision. Although this may seem like a favorable scenario, insurance companies still want to pay out as little as they find to be reasonable. That may be an entirely different amount than the injured person and an Injury Lawyer in Holland MI believe should be paid.

Negative Psychological Effects

The insurer may readily to agree to pay medical expenses, lost wages and repair or replacement cost for the vehicle. Other factors can be difficult to negotiate. For instance, if six months have gone by and the individual has developed depression, generalized anxiety or panic attacks, the lawyer may demand compensation for these results of the trauma. These psychological issues can significantly reduce the person’s quality of life.

Bad Faith Insurance Claims

Injury attorneys like those with Bleakley Law Offices P C provide fast, free consultations so the person can learn whether he or she should expect a substantially higher offer from the insurer. When insurance companies are uncooperative and refuse to pay amounts that are supported by prior case histories, the lawyer may recommend filing a bad faith claim. This is an option when the policyholder’s own company is not very helpful. Customers of these companies often pay in for many years, expecting they will receive assistance when they need it. They justifiably feel frustrated and angry when they encounter delays, low settlement offers and stalling tactics.