Fun College Electives College Art Classes

Fun College Electives – College Art Classes


Jon Ginsburg



College Art Classes Think back to your childhood and how much you loved to color pictures. You probably owned several coloring books that your parents could purchase for a couple of bucks at the department store. Remember what it was like to get that new box of crayons? That first look at the perfect set of 64 Crayolas with the sharpener on the back? All the interesting colors in various shades and tints were just waiting for your next art project! Art is something most children enjoy at some time in their lives. Then school begins and you learn there are many ways to express yourself visually. That once per week art class was something you looked forward to as you plowed through math and English. Now that you are older you still have the opportunity to experience the same joy and excitement with college art classes. The courses available in college art classes can bring back the feeling of accomplishment that you experienced when you put those new crayons to paper to color in your favorite coloring book. College art classes and community art classes are available in almost every town in the country. Usually these are offered for a fee that will cover supplies and instruction. Every city and town has a few of those individuals who never really put down their crayons, and continued pursuing art throughout their lives. Now that they are adults they are driven to sharing their passion for the visual arts with their students. College art classes are the outlets you need to recapture you love of art while learning a variety of techniques and media with which to express yourself. The college art classes in your area are likely to be advertised in a local paper or online at a community based website. These classes are often limited in enrollment so that each student will have the individualized attention needed from the instructor. College art classes are often more specific in focus and can include instruction in drawing, painting, sculpting and other options. There are also college art classes for the beginner as well as those who are naturally talented or advanced in their skills. Find that spark that you felt opening that new box of crayons and enroll in college art classes.

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