How To Host A Great Apartment Warming Party

By Penny Lane

Moving into your own place is exciting and it is a great excuse to throw a party and share it with friends and family. Whether you have chosen one of the great Pleasant Ridge OH apartment rentals or you have moved into one of the Hyde Park OH apartment rentals, you will want to share your space with others. In order to throw a great party, there are a few things you should know. First, get yourself settled. Make sure all of your boxes are unpacked and all of the necessities have been purchased. Typically, the first night in your new place you have to run out to the store to buy a shower curtain, toilet paper and maybe a few cleaning supplies. After a couple of weeks, you are stocked up on all you need and your place is beginning to feel like home. This is the perfect time to warm it up with a party.

A housewarming is a great way to show off your new digs. It is also a great way to invite new friends and neighbors over. If you are planning a party and there is enough space, let your neighbors know about the shindig and invite them to stop in. It is a friendly gesture, plus it alerts them to the fact that there is a special event going on. That way if things get a little loud with laughter or music, they will know it is not going to be a usual occurrence. Letting them join in the fun makes it even better.


Once your guest list is set, decide what to serve. Like any good party, a housewarming needs a variety of delicious food and drinks. If your place does not already have a bar, set up a counter area with supplies for do-it-yourself cocktails. To save money and time, you might want to choose a signature drink that involves only a few ingredients. For instance, you can build a martini bar or a daquiri bar, so you can limit your selection to just a few items.

Plan a menu that is easy to eat and relatively inexpensive. For a casual get-together, you could pick up a few pizzas or have them delivered and let everyone share. If you want something a little more formal, consider an appetizer or dessert only menu. Let people know in advance that there will not be enough served to fill them up, but that they can stop by after dinner and enjoy cake and coffee. Another great option is a brunch housewarming. You can offer a variety of breakfast foods which are often less expensive and easier to prepare than regular party foods.

Finally, plan a few activities. Though people are there to see your new place, it might get boring after awhile. Plan a few games that are housing oriented. Maybe you can create a trivia game where the questions focus on moving or household items. You could also have everyone bring a picture of their first place and hold a contest to see who can match the home with the owner.

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