Hybrid Sports Cars

By James Gunaseelan

Many are wondering that if a hybrid power plant can be included into existing models, why they can’t be used in hybrid sports cars as well. One such innovation, constructed by a team of high schoolers built a diesel-electric hybrid sports car for under $20,000 using a diesel power plant to push the car’s back wheels, while using a 200-amp electric motor to run the front drive system. Even with the diesel operating more often than the electric plant, the vehicle brags about 50 miles per gallon.

Although this type of vehicle may not win any awards for environmental savings, the idea of creating a performance sports car with hybrid technology may be boosted when engineers figure out how to use a gas efficient engine in conjunction with an electric motor only during times of peak power demands. The hybrid sports cars built by the students claimed acceleration of zero to 60 in four seconds, making it close to a real sports car.

One of the considerations is the weight of many hybrid vehicles, considering the size and weight of the batteries necessary to hold a charge long enough to power the vehicle when the fuel engine is not required. Capacitor discharge is used in hybrid sports cars and only provides power for short bursts during initial take off and during rapid acceleration.


Many consumers are demanding more of the costly hybrid vehicles, not willing to settle for slow moving, slow start vehicles in exchange for the cost. The initial investment of a hybrid is higher than their conventional counterparts, which is something that buyers of future hybrid sports cars might be willing to accept, provided the cost was not overwhelming. Simple redesigning of the bodies on existing hybrid platforms will not be enough to lure people into believing they are hybrid sports cars, as the performance is what they are looking for. Without the acceleration and speed, along with maneuverability they are accustomed to feeling, hybrid sports cars are going to be slow to gain popularity. Looks may be a key to sales, but performance is the goal for repeat and increased sales.

A person can build a Jaguar onto the frame of a Volkswagen, but once they hit the road, it is still a Volkswagen. True hybrid sports cars may be off in the distance, but once they do hit the market, the younger set may be more willing to embrace the technology.

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