Organic Pet Food In Folsom Ca: What Is It And What Do Companies Need To Do To Get The Label?

byAlma Abell

Terms such as “organic” and “natural” are confusing for people. Natural isn’t really anything at all, a term that implies health. Organic means the lack of any preservatives, GMO’s, and production standards to match the high expectations and restrictions of organic farming.


Both of these terms are vague. While one is a marketing gimmick, the other is a legitimate standard. But, what does it mean for, well, non-people? If organic and natural are a little obtuse and hard to figure out for humans, they certainly take on new levels of confusion with dog food.

Organic means, at its very core, a lack of any additional non-natural chemicals. In terms of vegetables and fruit, it is grown, it is picked, it is cleaned and put into a shipping container: organic. In terms of meat, it is from animals that are not treated with hormones. The animals eat naturally, as they would, and love naturally, as they should. Despite what many believe, organic has little correlation with vegetarian, and so there is plenty of organic meat available.

This leads into Organic pet food in Folsom CA. The Association of American Feed Control Officials is currently the one who sets the standards for what can and cannot be included to earn an organic label for pet food. Unfortunately, there are two main drawbacks. The first is that not all states have adopted their label, and recognize the USDA as the premier source of food labeling (who currently do not regulate dog food). The second problem is that the organization does not have the authority to actually confirm if the product is complying with the standards.

Any pet food in Folsom CA provider can say they are organic, but they % so contact us to find reputable sources for organic dog food.