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Thanks to internet and media, we are all well informed and aware of a lot of personal health issues than ever before. Every country is aware of the need to fight HIV, Diabetes and Cancer, the killer diseases. However when it comes to the Oral Hygiene as well as the Periodontitis diseases that affect our gums, hardly any one has adequate knowledge or awareness in this area. People are found to be believing in myths regarding dental diseases. The lack of awareness is in fact one of the leading causes of increase of gum diseases. Majority of the people are also not aware that gum diseases can affect our other parts of the body as well as our health too.

Research has found that out of four Americans three people suffer from and exhibit one or the other gum disease symptoms. Both mild gingivitis as well as periodontitis are seen in different people.But then studies have also revealed that only three percent of people seek timely treatment for their dental diseases.

Knowledge of prevention and information on Dental diseases is very important for everyone to be able to take precautions.Medical research has proved that gum diseases are also linked to several other long-term implications of medical conditions including diabetes, heart complications as well as cancer. This means it is now more important to care for your oral hygiene.


Having recognized the importance of maintaining oral hygiene and preventing periodontal diseases, the Medical community has now begun to address the public in an attempt to remove the myths surrounding Dental Health.

First and foremost myth in the minds of the people is that to have bleeding gums is quite common and nothing bad. You will see a lot of people having swollen, sore and red gums . They do not realize that these are symptoms of onset of periodontal disease. Any time should you find your teeth bleeding while brushing, one should immediately visit the Dentist for a checkup. By ignoring warning signals you will not only end up with periodontal disease and stand to loose your tooth but it can cause havoc with diabetes, heart problems etc.

If you tell people that they need to use dental floss to clean their teeth and remove the stale food stuck in between the gaps in their teeth, they do not think it is necessary.This is not true. Any medical and health expert will tell you that it is important to clean the gaps between the teeth everyday with flossing and removing stale food particles lodged in the mouth.

One more myth that is most common in the minds of the people is the imaginary pain associated with Dental treatments and hence their resistance to visit the Dentist. This perhaps was true a few decades ago, but not today. Today Dental science has made rapid progress with the help of technology and come up with highly specialized techniques like bio metric measurement, digital radiography, and laser therapy besides ultra sound technology. With these latest tools and improvised techniques, Dental treatment and surgeries are painless and cause least discomfort to the patients.

General awareness of the need for good oral hygiene is necessary for everyone today. Factors like quality of teeth, genetic factors combined with stress, diet and more importantly oral hygiene will determine the state of your dental health as well as progression of gum diseases. All said and done with good oral hygiene, you will definitely be able to stall or prevent gum diseases.

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