The Different Scenes Within G. Harvey Paintings

By Dominik Hussl

Gerald of G. Harvey paintings is a native of Texas. He has always loved art, and this passion has taken him far. From his youngest days until college, it was clear that art would be the path that he would travel upon, and so it is understandable that he ended up graduating from North Texas State University with a degree in Industrial Art.

He stayed within the college setting and began working for the University of Texas upon graduation. While this was a great career, it took him away from his true love which was being able to put onto canvas everything that he imagined.

So, in 1963 he became a full time artist. This proved to be a great fit because the G. Harvey paintings that he created landed him the New Master’s Award just two years after he became a full time artist. He had devoted fans including some very powerful and famous people.

He depicts scenes of the old Wild West as well as landscape and city scenes. He also has done extensive work that encompasses the Civil War as a subject. It is a way for him to combine his love of history with his love of art, and the world is thankful for his devotion to both.

Some of the G. Harvey paintings that may be familiar to those who have followed him throughout his career include but are not limited to the following:

— Trailing the Canyon Light

— Drifting through the Oil Patch


— Hard Tack and Mail

— Cowhands of the West

— Three Hands and a Hound

— Bunkhouse Lights

— Biscuits for Breakfast

— Independent Oilman

— Boot Top Crossing

— Trading at the General Store

— Early Downtown Houston

— 20th Century Ranching

— Supplies for the Mission

There are far too many wonderful historical pictorials that are accredited to him to list them all. However, it is easy to see just by viewing a sampling that this man has a talent that is unsurpassed by any other.

His love for the Wild West comes perhaps from the fact that his grandfather was a trail boss during that period, so one might say that it is in his blood. Whatever the reason, his fondness for these beloved olden days has given way to some beautiful depictions on canvas for the world to admire and behold.

He has won acclaim by many different organizations and was even chosen by the Smithsonian Institution to be honored by a one man show. G. Harvey paintings bring history to life with vibrant color and personality that allows the viewer to be transported to another place and another time when this country was younger and just beginning to take shape.

His career is ongoing with his wife, Pat, at his side in Fredericksburg, Texas. He continues to offer rare glimpses that seem so lifelike into the wonderfully magical history of this great country and its wild western days. G. Harvey paintings are sure to continue to wow the audiences which they serve for many years to come and many generations that will follow will gain new appreciation for his work.

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