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Yoga is a form of meditation that allows you to shape and maintain your body in the most traditional and natural way possible. You no longer need to hit the gym at odd hours or pick up the dumbbells that pop the nerves in your heads. This a natural process that with due practice leads you to the gift of good health and an even healthier mind. In case that you are a first timer and have a limited knowledge of the field, it is important that you wither get in touch with an expert or search the net thoroughly to come across information that is important to comprehend. A lot of individuals like you may feel intimidated when about to start with yoga or for that matter any new project. Acquiring enough and more information on the subject will allow you to gather the confidence to start with this new errand.

What is Yoga?

Yoga is a Sanskrit (an ancient Indian Language) term that refers to the holy union of the body, spirit and the mind. The Yoga Philippines mainly comprises of both meditation and asanas, which are the poses and the positions that the western world has been recently introduced to. These asanas or the body postures are only a single part of the vastly spread eight step process involved in Yoga. The other sectors of Yoga deal with relaxing and in this process enhancing the mind and the spirit of the individual practicing it.


What is the right style of yoga for you?

Yoga as mentioned above is categorised under various steps and styles. There are specific styles that are best suited to beginners, as this gradually builds their skills and tolerance for the advanced styles of yoga. The Hatha and Vinyasa the yoga are the two most common styles of yoga that are taught to the individuals at the Yoga retreat Philippines.

? The Hatha Style of yoga-

Hatha predominantly is the largest category of yoga, as almost all the different yoga styles are superficially referred to as the hatha yoga. The hatha style of yoga generally includes the asanas or yoga postures that are relatively slower in pace and can be mastered with a few serious trials. The main motive of this class of yoga is to train you in gentle postures that allow you to stretch breath and focus all at the same time.

? The Vinyasa Style of Yoga-

The Vinyasa style of yoga is a tad bit advanced in comparison to the Hastha style of yoga nad moves forward in proposing postures and asanas that are harder to accomplish and require extended physical triumph and mental competition.

Both these styles represent a great option for Yoga meditation for beginners, all you have to do is locate the best yoga retreat for yourself, that can offer you training in both these styles and more. Getting hold of the right classes is of optimum importance. Training under certified experts will take you to physical, mental and spiritual amalgamation.

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