What To Do Instead Of Going To College

By William F. Gabriel

The parents of most high school seniors insist that they go to college immediately after high school graduation. While college can prepare you for a better future, some students need a break from academics before enrolling in classes. There are several other opportunities for high school graduates that can prepare them for the future without leading them down a path to academic burnout.

Enlist in the Armed Forces

Joining the military is not a route that everyone will want to take. While it can be a good way to learn more about the kind of person you are, develop important skills, and learn the art of self-discipline, going into the military can also be risky and quite dangerous. The pros of this option are that you can make money for college later if you decide to go and you can get great job experience for your resume when you return from your enlistment. You will also leanr martial arts and combat self defense skills taught that will get you in great physical shape. If you decide to go this route and join one of the armed forces, you might want to pick up that Self Defense DVD and start a physical condition program before you get to Basic Training.


See the World

Lots of high school grads have their sights set on seeing the world before they go to college. If you have the money and the ability to travel, exploring what the rest of the world has to offer will get you valuable experience. You can learn new languages and cultures in a way that you just can’t get from books and videos. Traveling can help you prepare for college if you decide you want to enroll later. Experiencing new cultures can help you adjust to dorm life and learn how to cope with unfamiliar settings and surroundings. It’s an expensive alternative, but it one of the most rewarding experience ever. If you have the opportunity to travel – even if it’s only for a few weeks or months – it’s well worth the cost.

Find a Real Job

All your life you’ve probably been listening to people tell you how different life can be ‘in the real world.’ It’s true that keeping a full-time job can be stressful. Lots of times you have to learn to deal with difficult people and create your own solutions to problems. But working full-time can help you transition to life on your own more easily.

You’ll learn the value of hard work, think about ways you can plan for your future, and learn important skills for dealing with the ups and downs of life in general. If you decide to go to work, look for jobs with a company that has a solid future. You need to earn a living wage, but you also need to think about things like health insurance and other benefits.

No matter what you do, take some time to consider all of your options. Being too quick to make a decision is never a good idea.

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